onsdag 22. oktober 2008

SSS - designers - october - 08 collab kit

Please enjoy this 300 mb collab kit, made by some of the wonderfull designers at SSS. Conributing designers: Dawn Inskip, Kjersti, Princesse Sophie, Heidi, Monica Larsen and me (Labline)

Designers preview:

torsdag 16. oktober 2008

Welcome to the k-joi studios bloghop

Welcome to the k-joi studios bloghop

21206D-Lizard Dau Designs
21845B-Labline <---- you are here
21879D-Digidesigns By Amberbaz
22181A-April Dawn Creations
22342B-Camillas Kitchen
22896B-Lori Imel
23494D-Cancer Moon Creations
24301D-KatLen Kreations
24588B-Belanna At Odds
24789C-SandEz Creationz
24864A-ducky Panda Bear Designs
23075D Stacey Crossley Designs
Alisha happy feet tripalee designs

I hope you like what we've created for you:), I have more freebies in the K-joi store under Participant number 21845B

Here is my freebie to you
Link to bloghop freebie

21845b is me:)

So here is the disclosure of me from K-jois design competition :)

And I made the designer team, hurray

Here I am:

And this is what I have made through the competition Link week 1 http://www.4shared.com/file/67258847/e6b5b2f7/Labline_kjoi_21845B_week1.html

Link week 2 http://www.4shared.com/file/67258842/96df4678/Labline_kjoi_21845B_week2.html

Link week 3 http://www.4shared.com/file/67258840/78d12754/Labline_kjoi_21845B_week3.html Link week 4 http://www.4shared.com/account/file/67258852/8fc47739/Labline_kjoi_21845B_week4.html

Hug from Labline

Two new alpha

Then there are two new alpha in the store:)

Birthday party

It is the weekend birthday party for k-joi studios, came to play with us:) there will be sales, blogghop, freebies and more:)
I hope you come, take a journey through my blog desing this weekend for more surprisingly:)

tirsdag 14. oktober 2008

renovation of previews

I have the last few days, renovation my previews from the store, so everyone now is unique:)

Here are the new previews with links to the store, hope you like them.


Paper packs
Calendar 2009

Seaside resort:

Norwegian Wordarts

Norske notater #1

Norske notater #2Norske notater #3

Norske notater #4