torsdag 16. oktober 2008

21845b is me:)

So here is the disclosure of me from K-jois design competition :)

And I made the designer team, hurray

Here I am:

And this is what I have made through the competition Link week 1

Link week 2

Link week 3 Link week 4

Hug from Labline

3 kommentarer:

LuvfromIndia sa...

hi laila
nice meeting you...this is rhoda aka luvfromindia aka 26111D at kjoi.

Camilla ...or ecam :-) sa...

Hei Labline! Så hyggelig å endelig se hvem du er! Flott bidrag -og jeg liker veldig godt den nye innpakninge ;) Ha en herlig dag! Camilla

Anonym sa...

Thank you so very much for sharing all these gorgeous designs - love your beautiful alphabets and quick pages!!